Illustrations & Pictures

I do drawings for my students on the board when I want to visualise grammar rules or vocabulary. However, no matter how good my drawings might be for the lesson they are not anywhere close to being good enough for a blog that more people might be reading and since I wouldn’t like my students to find out the hard way how bad my drawings are I have used the marvellous works of some of my favourite illustrators on 4theLoveofEnglish!

Our header is from Kanako Kuno. The illustration for the Kingdom category is from, the one for the Travelling category from,

If you are one of the wonderful illustrators whose works we are using, my students and I are sending you out a BIG Thank you ♪♫♪ hoping that you don’t mind seeing your works on 4theLoveofEnglish. If you do however, believe we have misused them or don’t want them to appear on our blog, please send us an email at barou[at]hol[dot]gr and we will immediately remove them!

Ms Roula


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