frozen poster

One of the films I really enjoy and keep watching again and again is Frozen by Disney!  Continue reading

Freestyle BMX

freestyle bmx

Freestyling can be traced back to 1975 when kids started riding their bikes in concrete Escondido reservoir channels in San Diego, California. Continue reading



I am a girl and some think it is strange but my favourite sport is basketball!
Why? Because basketball is COOL!!! Continue reading

5 no-school day activities for boys

no school

Is it the weekend? Have you done all your homework? Is it a no-school day and you don’t know what to do? If you are a boy, you know how boring it is to have nothing to do. Here are 5 things every boy should have in his to-do-list on a no-school day! Continue reading

November Fashion for Schoolgirls


It’s 20th November but here in Athens Greece it is 18 C! Can you believe it? Continue reading